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Are you looking for ways to keep your home safe and secure? With over 15 years of security industry experience, I’ve seen almost everything. Whether you’re looking for ways to deter burglars or tips for keeping your kids safe online, I’ve helped families in every situation. And I gladly share that life-preserving knowledge with you here. So take a look around and see for yourself!


Looking for a security system but not sure where to start? All the information you need to make an informed and responsible decision is right here! I’ll help you find the perfect fit for your family, from home security cameras to whole-house systems. 

Your home is your sanctuary – don’t take chances with inadequate security. It’s better to be safe than sorry! That’s why I only review the best of the best when it comes to security equipment.

Threat Care

Welcome – my name is Jeremy, and I’m a lifelong security specialist. I created this website to share my knowledge with you and help you keep your family safe. 

I love how security has evolved over the years, and there’s no better time than now to be proactive about protecting your home.

I’m passionate about sharing my knowledge with others, and on this site, I’ll be sharing all of the secrets I’ve learned about home security. 

I believe that security should be affordable and accessible to everyone, which is why I only review products that offer the best value for your money. I also provide tips and advice on using those products to their fullest potential.

Why do you need to worry about home security? Because protecting your family is the most important thing you can do.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to start thinking about home security.

What To Expect?

I will be sharing everything I know about security systems, equipment, and family safety. This will include useful tips, expert advice, and product reviews. 

I’ll also be discussing the latest news and developments in the home security industry. I’ll also regularly update the site with new content, so bookmark it and check back often! No matter where your current knowledge is, I hope you’ll come away from this site feeling informed and confident in your ability to keep your loved ones safe.

Learn About Home Security With Articles and Buyers Guides

Not sure where to start? That’s okay! I’ve written several articles and buyer guides that will help you learn about home security.

We have other security experts specializing in smart home technology, family safety, and internet security. Our unique perspective and years of experience means that we can offer you the best, most unbiased advice out there. Check out our latest articles below, or head to our buyer’s guides to find the perfect product for your needs.